Terms and conditions

The Dine and Wine by JW Marriott® membership program (hereinafter "The Program") is organized by JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel (hereinafter "The Organizer") and takes place in the premises of the Organizer at the address Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Sector 5, 050014 Bucharest, Romania (hereinafter "The Hotel"). The Terms and Conditions are available on www.dineandwine.ro and at The Hotel.

The term of this Program is unlimited, however, the Organizer reserves the right at any moment, to end or to change the Terms and Conditions of this Program. Prior the Program termination, the Organizer will post its decision on www.dineandwine.ro and will communicate this to the Members via e-mail to their registered addresses.
The Program is administered in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Any person that reached the age of 18 years and any legal entity may become member (hereinafter “The Member”). A Member can participate in The Program only after (i) accepting the Terms and Conditions; (ii) providing requested information to The Organizer (e.g. name, contact details, etc.); (iii) paying the annual membership fee (if applicable) and (iv) signing the membership card (hereinafter “The Card”).
The Member may also be asked for ID verification at any time of the registration process or usage of the card.
The Organizer reserves the right to reject the request for membership without stating the reason.

The Card can be used only by the holding Member otherwise the Member takes the full responsibility related to any situation which may occur related to the Program benefits. In order to take advantage of the Program benefits and/or to reach the spending threshold (if applicable) the Member must be present and must announce to the serving personnel that he/she is the Member and present the Card physically when asking for the Check or receipt. The Member who does not present the Card physically when asking for the receipt cannot benefit from any discount and special promotion related to the Program. If the Card is presented after the receipt is issued, the Program discounts are not awarded.
The Member may also be asked for ID verification upon presenting the card and requesting the discount.
The Card is not transferable except the corporate Card. The Card is valid only by having Member’s signature on its back side and is valid for 365 days since its activation.
The discounts apply to all special events, including Easter, Christmas, Ney Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, 1st of June, etc. . The discounts apply to all breakfasts, lunches and dinners in all restaurants and lounges (JW Steakhouse, Cucina, Champions, The Garden, Vienna Lounge and Pavilion Lounge); the discounts do not apply to Room Service orders. If there are more Program Members at one table only one Card may be used.
The level of discounts may be modified from time to time. If such change occurs, the Organizer will communicate such changes to Members via electronic communication and via www.dineandwine.ro.

In case the Card is damaged, lost or stolen the Member must inform the Program Coordinator about this within maximum 24 hours otherwise the Member takes full responsibility related to misuse of the Card. When announcing the situation the Member must confirm the name, address and the other identification data (as requested). The benefits will be transferred to the new Card with the same conditions.
Issuing the replacement Card may be subject to an administrative fee.

The membership that is not paid and whose benefits are subject to reaching the defined consumption with the time period will be cancelled after 6 months of its inactivity without prior notice.
Once the membership is cancelled it cannot be reactivated. The Member will lose all the benefits attached to the Card and he/she can become a member again after filling in a new registration form.

The Member can obtain any information related to The Program functionality and to The Card usage by calling +40 21 403 1002 or by sending the e-mail to dineandwine@marriott.com.
By becoming a member, the Member consents to receiving promotional and marketing information in regards to the Program both in paper and electronic forms (e.g. brochures, e-mails, etc.) and to receiving information about Member’s account status.
The Member can opt out from receiving any promotional and marketing information by using ‘Unsubscribe’ link available in the e-mail communication.

The Terms and Conditions of the Program are available to all current and prospect Members on www.dineandwine.ro or at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. For additional information you may call +40 21 403 1002.
By participating at this Program, the Members agree to respect and to be compliant with these Terms and Conditions.
The Organizer reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions while the changes will become effective at the time of their publishing.
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel